Twitwheel is a pyramidal sowing game for a mere 1 player.


Materials needed:


Place the cards in a wheel configuration, like in the image below:


The cards comprising the wheel should all look the same except for one, called the vault. Finally, randomly distribute the pyramids amongst all cards but the vault, with six to each card.

The game is ready to begin.


Twitwheel is a Mancala game played on a circular field. On each turn, you will take all of the pyramids on a card and sow them, one by one on each subsequent card (including the vault) in turn, in a counter-clockwise fashion, until the pyramids taken are distributed.

The rules governing which cards you may sow from are as follows:

While sowing onto cards and the vault you may build stacks "in passing" if possible, but you can never rearrange existing pyramids to form stacks. That is, while sowing pyramids you can chose to stack a sown piece onto an existing piece or stack directly, but you may can never place a pyramid on top of a smaller sized pyramid.

If while doing this you ever make a tree on a non-vault card you may choose, on the next turn only, to sow the tree either as a whole or to sow it as three separate pieces. When sown as a single piece then you must break the tree into its parts on the card that they were sown onto.

Instead of sowing a whole stack, you can instead jump a pyramid on the top of a stack forward a number of cards equal to the number of pips on the pyramid directly below it.

Game ends

The game ends when one of the following occurs:

Final scoring

Only pyramids in the vault are scored, according to the following:

A perfect score is 56.

Twitwheel is ©2018, Fogus